Businesses partnering purposefully with students and their schools should be a normal educational experience for each student, anywhere in Australia, and starting early at every stage of education.

Students today are living in a rapidly changing world. Each student needs to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities, and the experiences and confidence to succeed in this complex environment.

Evidence has shown that school-business partnering does and can make a difference for students.

In national reviews, the Chief Scientist, schools and university experts have reinforced the value and need for school-business relationships. In practice, however, how to start, maintain and track the impact of such relationships can still be a challenge for both schools and businesses.

Purposeful Partnering offers a rich mix of guidance from different perspectives, with clear illustrations of practice and stories drawn from a multitude of sources.

This portal provides resources to help with your own partnering journey.


For Schools

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FOR Businesses

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Part 1 READ >

Who benefits from school-business partnering?

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Why it’s important for schools and businesses to work together

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Building a partnering culture

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Meaningful ways to engage with students

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4 ingredients for positive impact

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