Purposeful Partnering for business

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Enabling students to thrive in today’s complex world.

Businesses are grappling with skills shortages, and challenges and disruptors are shaping the context for Australian students.

These include deepening inequities in the education experience, a rapidly changing job market, and recognition that students rightfully want a say in the educational choices that affect their present and all our futures.

Educational opportunity does not distribute equally in Australia. Students need to connect with those they need, when they need, and in ways that will help them in their own learning, working and active citizenship choices. This needs to happen across their lifespan and intergenerationally across families.

Creating impactful ways of partnering ‘takes a village’. Together, school and business leaders are in strong positions to recognise and use their expertise, and benefits for students can also have a flow-on effect for adults.

Download the Purposeful Partnering Summary for Business for more information, including examples of benefits and practice tips.

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